LAFCO's mission is pure and simple.

Authentic Luxury. Unparalled Results.

LAFCO—Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co.—is a small group of body care junkies led by Founder and President, Jon Bresler, whose passion for fine fragrance and skincare borders on obsession. Inspired by the tradition of the European apothecary, LAFCO creates strictly natural, high-performance products housed in timelessly stunning packages, designed by Creative Director Vincent LaRouche. These products are carefully developed to make everyday rituals rewarding and luxurious.

The art of fine fragrance is vital to this quest for perfection. LAFCO finds the rarest and purest natural essential oils from master perfumers in France and Italy, and hand blends them into beloved original fragrances. These perfume grade, natural fragrances are woven into custom formulas that combine the benefits of actively nourishing botanicals with innovative technologies.

This extra attention to selecting ingredients and designing formulations results in noticeable, exceptional results. Home fragrance gives even, continuous scent that remains strong over time, but never feels overpowering. Body care effectively relieves dry, irritated skin while balancing tone and texture. Every single product is designed to smell, feel, and perform beautifully.

LAFCO is distinguished in its wholehearted commitment to people and craftsmanship, finding the most skilled artisans in the world for each project. Local sourcing and production is an important piece of this: the wax used in candles is made and hand-poured in New England. But this commitment to quality can extend beyond the backyard: LAFCO uses family-owned factories in Florence, Italy, known for their homeopathic skincare to produce its soap and body care offerings.

We at LAFCO are unwaveringly committed to the art of luxury. Every product is evaluated and revised by the LAFCO team until it provides uncomplicated but powerful results, and we know that it is honestly the best.