LAFCO New York – Luxury Articles & Fragrance Co.
is the brainchild of former lawyer and self confessed body care junkie Jon Bresler who started the company over 20 years ago. Beginning with the most basic element of body care: soap, Jon found the incredible Ach Brito factory in Portugal and partnered with them to create a new line called Claus Porto. Consisting at the time of five classic fragrances (most of which are still best sellers today), the old-fashioned bars
with their brightly colored packaging caused a sensation by selling in the retail worlds of fashion, lifestyle, apothecary and tabletop all at the same time. The trend of the oversized soap bar was born!
Expanding his knowledge of fragrances, Jon, a natural “Nose”, perfected his olfactory abilities by studying essences and alchemy in Grasse and Florence. This training was than immediately applied to the creation of new scents for the extremely popular and ever growing Claus Porto line. The search for other fine products continued.
Now, with an even more refined expertise, Jon’s passion for fragrances led to the addition of master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi’s coveted scents to the LAFCO line up. Recently, the stunningly evocative and modern fragrances by the Eau d’Italie brand has also been added.
In 2002 Jon opened the first-ever official Santa Maria Novella boutique in Soho. Though sold sporadically throughout some parts of the U.S., there had never been a dedicated store featuring all of the famous products from the Florentine apothecary, first started in the 13th century by the Dominican monks and finally opened to the public in 1612. Since then, four other stores have been opened. Each with it’s own strategic location and special ambiance.
In 2007, with a growing demand in the luxury marketplace for products with a special appeal. Jon turned to LAFCO’s Creative Director, Vincent LaRouche, to conceptualize the perfect product. Not being able to find the right candle for their place in the country, Vincent came up with the concept of A Candle for Every Room and A Candle for Every Home.
In a market already flooded with candles the House & Home collection was an immediate and phenomenal success. The concept was simple: give the customer a beautiful hand blown glass vessel, a generous burn time and just the right scent for every room and home. Lucky Magazine called it “The Perfect Candle”. Celebrities became fanatics and offered it to their friends and the entire collection was chosen for the biggest Favorite Things episode ever!
What’s next for the LAFCO team? During a meeting Jon asked Vincent what he thought of reed diffusers, “ I hate them” the Creative Director replied. “Good” retorted Jon, “ I want you to design the perfect home fragrance diffuser. I am busy working on a formula for the perfect soap!”