LAFCO President and Founder, Jon Bresler began searching for a soap base worthy of LAFCO's signature scents. The quest to develop the perfect bar of soap led him around the world, to a small, family-owned factory in Italy. After months of formulating and testing, they created something extraordinary: a solvent free formula made from an unprecedented blend of pure-pressed coconut and olive oils.

This proprietary base is then milled with LAFCO’s essential oil based fragrances, as well as sweet almond oil and rice proteins for even further long-lasting, gentle moisture. The bars are pressed into their custom bronze moulds before entering a four-week long drying process; an artisanal aging process that makes the bars dense, long lasting, and quick drying after each use.

Our soap is hypoallergenic and can be used for the face and body, and even shaving.

LAFCO’s bar soap is the result of over 20 years of experience in the soap and body care industries. Its unique formulation produces a moisturizing and creamy lather that imparts a silky layer on skin, which remains long after washing. LAFCO is proud to offer naturally rich soaps that noticeably soften and tone skin, and create a rewarding ritual around daily cleansing.