About Eau d'Italie

As often happens with some of the wonderful things in life, Eau d'Italie was born of a coincidence: in 2001 Marina Sersale and Sebastián Alvarez Murena met at a party in Positano on the Amalfi coast and have been together ever since, getting married in the meantime.

Their meeting coincided with the 50th anniversary of Le Sirenuse, Marina's family hotel which had been founded by her father
and his siblings in 1951.

On a sudden inspiration, they decided to celebrate this happy anniversary by creating a fragrance. Their idea was simple and challenging, to put the beautiful bay of Positano in a bottle. The plan was for just one fragrance but as things turned out the decision they'd made was life-changing for both of them.
Two years later Eau d'Italie’s signature scent was born, and what had started as a simple anniversary celebration began its dazzling journey: within weeks Eau d'Italie the
fragrance was available in Europe's most coveted stores.

And it was only a matter of a few more months until they started getting requests for Eau d'Italie's gorgeous body care collection, which up to then had been exclusive to Le Sirenuse and available only to the guests of the hotel.

Very soon there were celebrities, trend-setters and people in the know wearing Eau d'Italie.
Marina and Sebastián had obviously succeeded in their intent, and in fact the success was so unexpectedly huge that they decided to leave their previous occupations (she, a documentary film maker, he, a writer and journalist), and started working full time on fragrances.

After managing to put Positano in a bottle with Eau d'Italie, they dedicated their attention to creating a contemporary rose fragrance, and thus was born Paestum Rose, the second fragrance of the family. Soon after came the evocations of autumn and winter in Tuscany and Umbria, with Sienne l'Hiver and Bois d'Ombrie, followed by a spicy celebration of Venice with Baume du Doge, and a declaration of love for Rome, with Magnolia Romana.

Year after year the collection kept growing organically and Eau d'Italie became the name of the brand itself, turning into an olfactory journey throughout Italy, with more sensational fragrances added to the collection: the latest releases of Au Lac, in 2010, Jardin du Poète, in 2011, and the spectacular Un Bateau Pour Capri in 2012.
From personal fragrance and body care to room diffusers, the step was but natural: in the second half of 2012 Eau d'Italie launched its Diffuser Collection, using a revolutionary formulation that allows for just the most perfect, lasting and steady diffusion of the precious raw materials the diffusers are made with. 
Looking back, it's nice to think it all started as a simple celebration of Le Sirenuse!