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A champagne toast! Fresh mandarin zest and sparkling neroli is drizzled with golden honey. A dollop of sweet vanilla with a dash of frosted ginger reveal the brightest of holiday fragrances.

Limited Edition

Champagne Holiday

  • Neroli
  • Frosted Ginger
  • Honey
  • spctgy_footer_slider_1; Neroli
  • spctgy_footer_slider_2; Frosted Ginger
  • spctgy_footer_slider_3; Honey

Neroli is a floral, citrus and bitter scent. This unique delicate floral aroma adds a luxurious and elegant freshness.

- Jon Bresler,

Frosted Ginger smells spicy and fizzy with a citrus undertone. Ginger enhances the fragrance with a sparkling effervescence.

- Jon Bresler,

Honey is a sweet, gourmand scent with a touch of fruits and flowers. It adds a wonderful smooth sweetness to the fragrance.

- Jon Bresler,