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New Product Alert: The Discovery Trio

Indecisive? New to LAFCO? Looking for a gift? Interested in trying a specific fragrance? Looking to treat your friends? Or just curious about a certain fragrance? Whatever it is, the LAFCO Discovery Trio is the answer to those problems. Here's how it works: 

Select three fragrances to sample for $16, which includes free shipping. Picking your fragrance is literally as easy as 1,2,3 with our “Build Your Trio” page that is found on  The hard part is trying to pick 3 out of 30 unique fragrances you want to sample.

Each sample candle is housed in a travel-friendly container and burns for up to 4 hours.
We’ll email you a code for $16 which can be applied to your next purchase.

Light. Burn. Enjoy!

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excellent way to try new fragrances

this elegantly packaged trio of candle samples allowed me to test fragrances in an very affordable way. I am going to order another one to test some other scents. And beautifully packaged set will also make a lovely hostess gift for the next dinner party I attend.

Barbara, 10/07/2018 11:18:54

5 star

I forgot to rate in my previous post- I give this 5 stars- please add this to previous post.

Thank you!

Barbara, 10/07/2018 11:20:14

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