Signature 15.5oz Candle

    Saddle Leather

    Tack Room

    A stable full of sounds, as the horses begin to stir. The rising cacophony of whinnies, snorts and stomps rustling in newly strewn hay mingles with the creak of leather as saddles are placed, stirrups tightened and riders start to make their way outside.

    Warm leather, rock rose and crisp hay dry down to a warm blanket of cashmere musk, Baltic amber, tonka bean and vanilla.

    Signature 15.5oz Candle

    Hand poured in the USA with up to a 90 hour burn time and delivered in a handblown art glass vessel, our Saddle Leather, Tack Room candles are naturally luxurious.

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    our pure promise

    • Essential oil based fragrances deliver a natural and true scent
    • Highly concentrated fragrances fully and evenly scent any room
    • Unique solid soy wax and 100% cotton wicks provide a clean, non toxic burn


    • Many candles are made entirely from paraffin, a petroleum by-product. Our wax blend is majority soy, which is naturally derived from vegetables and 100% biodegradable.
    • Not all soy wax blends are created equally; some soy blends contain considerable amounts of paraffin. An easy way to tell is by touching and inspecting the wax – a higher soy content candle (like ours) is hard and opaque, while a low soy content candle will be translucent and can feel soft and oily.
    • Once you have enjoyed your candle it will self extinguish with approximately ½” of wax remaining.


    • If you are planning to burn more than one candle at once in your home, choose fragrances from the same category (floral fragrances with other floral fragrances) for a complimentary scent experience from room to room.
    • Let wax melt to the edge on first burn and burn for 2 – 4 hours at a time to get the maximum number of hours out of your candle.


    • We pour our candles into colorful handblown art glass; the vessel is a beautifully designed to enhance the burning experience and can be reused as a part of your home décor.


    By Blake M.
    On 10/19/2016
    for those who appreciate fragrance
    purchased this candle from a store in Maryland. there is something unusual about this fragrance that makes it very interesting and appealing - leathery and sophisticated. my equestrian friend says this is "spot on" . will purchase again when i get through this one.
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    By Marc
    On 10/04/2016
    Interesting fragrance
    Nice fragrance. It reminds me of winter days at the horse stables. You get notes of leather and a hint of wood. Great candle for the fall.
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    By Heather
    On 09/26/2016
    Verified Buyer
    Smells Terrible
    As an avid horse person, I was excited when I discovered this existed. I received it today and am very disappointed. I'm not sure how to describe the scent but it is no where near anything one would encounter in an actual tack room. No discernible hints of leather or saddle soap, hay, or even the lovely scent of horses. Instead it is just off-putting.
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