LAFCO developed True Liquid Hand Soap, which gently cleanses while priming skin to absorb moisture, because hands deserve their own special attention. They are exposed to constant everyday stress, and soaps filled with harsh synthetic detergents can worsen dryness and irritation.

True Liquid Hand Soap was designed to be just as soothing and nourishing as LAFCO’s innovative bars. Made from pure, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, a leading source of essential omega fatty acids, this bespoke formula is enhanced with wheat proteins to optimize moisture retention. The soap provides a barrier against daily stresses each time you wash your hands, and prepares skin to absorb the nutrients from hand cream or lotion.

Once the hand soap had been perfected, True Liquid Body Soap was a natural next step for LAFCO. Developed for fans that prefer to cleanse with a liquid soap, this unique formula is made from extra virgin olive oil and enriched with generous amounts of Argan Oil for further weightless moisture. A powerful blend of botanical extracts—vervain, centuary, wild rose, and violet—is added for its high concentration of anti-oxidants and its soothing, regenerative benefits.

True Liquid Body and Hand Soaps share the same delicate, creamy lather and essential oil-based fragrances as LAFCO’s bar soaps. This is not coincidental: as their names suggest, these revolutionary cleansers are true soaps, and not chemical-based detergents. True Liquid Hand and True Liquid Body Soaps work with skin to safely and gently deliver amazing results. Skin will immediately feel softened and protected, with relief that continues long after each wash.