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celebrating master craftsmanship

Each glass vessel in our Absolute Collection is a brilliantly colorful one-of-kind work of art, crafted by master artisans using time-honored tools and techniques.

Absolute Glass Vessel

the art of glassblowing

Long committed to using handblown glass for its luxury candles and diffusers, LAFCO worked with Bohemian glassblowers to create vessels that double as modern objets d’art.

Absolute Collection Glass Macchia

Inspired by the Italian expression macchia, meaning daubs or spots of color, each unique pattern is created by layering pigments and shards of glass with a range of tones and transparencies, resulting in a radiant shimmer of hues that reflect and refract the light of the candle flame.

Absolute Collection Glass Grit Pattern

The process begins with custom tinted glass heated in antique furnaces and gathered into a molten ball on metal rods. The colored patterns are created by repeatedly rolling the ball in “grit”—fragments of colored glass and pigments—which fuse into the molten glass, yielding unique patterns.

Absolute Collection Glass Glassmakers Blow

The glassmakers then cool the glass, blowing and shaping it with wood molds before cutting, grinding, beveling and polishing the finished vessels. This artisanal process, with its reliance on traditional tools and materials, results in objects of timeless beauty and enduring quality.

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