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Our Founder

While living in Zurich in 1989, Bresler developed a fascination with the botanical-based fragrances and formulations produced in traditional European pharmacies and apothecaries.

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Establishing LAFCO in 1992, he began importing and developing niche fragrance and beauty products for the U.S. market. In addition to co-creating the Portuguese skincare brand Claus Porto, he became the first American distributor for the iconic Florentine pharmacy Santa Maria Novella and went on to introduce U.S. consumers to such brands as Korres Natural Skin Care and Eau d’Italie perfumes.

House & Home® Collections

Drawing on his accumulated expertise in aromatherapy and essential oil-based formulation and the fundamentals of classic perfumery he learned from the legendary Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi, Bresler created LAFCO’s House & Home® collection of candles in colorful, blown-glass vessels and soon led the company to focus exclusively on developing and distributing our own line of original home fragrance and personal care products.

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Guided by a longstanding dedication to environmental sustainability and principled business practices, Bresler has prioritized the careful selection and responsible sourcing of the materials and ingredients used in our products.

Nearly 30 years since founding LAFCO, Bresler remains fully engaged in the company, developing new fragrances and products that reflect our enduring values and independent spirit.

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Our Products

Our products embody our belief that quality, craftsmanship, and conscience are essential ingredients of luxury.

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Our Philosophy

We make fragranced products with a purpose: to elevate everyday moments into luxurious sensory experiences

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Our Story

Discover the journey of self-discovery, formative experiences, and enduring relationships that helped create the brand you know and love

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Explore more about Our Founder

Our Founder

Jon Bresler is the founder of LAFCO and the nose behind our fragrances inspired by his decades of travel and training in the art of perfumery

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