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Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2023: Body Care
Why it won: The notes of ginger and sage in LAFCO New York Retreat Liquid Soap are fancy enough for a boutique hotel; the amino acids and rice proteins are nourishing enough to be a bathroom (and kitchen) staple.
Cool Hunting
Interview: Jon Bresler, Founder of Luxury Fragrance Brand LAFCO New York
Tracing product developments–from exquisite blown glass candles to meticulously formulated soaps and now technically superior room sprays.
Exclusive: LAFCO'S AI Generated Fragrance Points to the Future of Perfume
Artificial intelligence can take on a bevy of roles: friendly chatbot, vacation planner, image generator. As it turns out, computers also make pretty good perfume consultants.
Modern Luxury Manhattan
LAFCO Fetes 30 Years With Spectacular New Scents
As LAFCO celebrates 30 years of crafting home fragrances, the brand debuts some of its most spectacular scents to date.
The Washington Post
Shopping for candles? The president of LAFCO gave advice on home fragrances.
Candle sales skyrocketed during the pandemic. But how do you choose the right one for you, and how can you make it last? Jon Bresler, founder and president of luxury home fragrance producer LAFCO, can answer those questions.
7 Best of Beauty Winners to Enjoy in the Comfort of Your Home
The name says it all — and if only for a moment, light up Lafco's Retreat Signature Candle to let the notes of matcha, clary sage, and palo santo transport you to whichever place you find mental and physical solace.
Robb Report
This New Line of Premium Candles Was Designed to Live on After the Wax Is Gone
LAFCO's new Absolute line has a burn time of 100 hours, but don't be surprised if you keep the jars for a lot longer.
Town & Country
The Return of Bar Soap: Why Everyone is in a Lather
Plot twist! Bar soap, the most mundane item on your vanity, has become the star of the show.

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