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uniquely true to nature

The use of absolutes in our fragrances allows us to deliver to you highly concentrated scent and to create an exquisite fragrance experience that is uniquely true to nature.


capturing absolutes

The process of extracting our precious absolutes has its origins in the cold enfleurage method of early perfumery, developed in the south of France during the eighteenth century. In this traditional practice, freshly harvested flowers are absorbed within sheets of lard or tallow and then continuously replenished until the desired fragrance saturation is reached.

Absolute Collection Fragrance Main Banner

Developed as an alternative to heated steam distillation, which can damage delicate flowers, cold enfleurage preserves the complex olfactory notes of the original botanical matter. Today, LAFCO has revived this approach, using a liquid solution to render the highly concentrated absolutes and create fragrances with striking fidelity to nature.

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