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a modern collection inspired by the past

To create this definitive LAFCO collection, founder Jon Bresler collaborated with the family-run Glassworks Harrachov, the oldest glassblowing studio in Bohemia.

Heritage Sustaining a Glassmaking Legacy

sustaining a glassmaking legacy

Since founding LAFCO in 1992, Jon Bresler has sought out and partnered with studios and factories that exemplify the traditional practices and rich history of their craft.

Heritage Bohemian - Frantisek Novosad

Established in 1712, Glassworks Harrachov continues a Bohemian glassmaking tradition dating back to the thirteenth century. Awarded numerous gold medals at World’s Fairs throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the factory endured world wars and multiple changes in ownership until it was purchased in 1993 by Frantisek Novosad, a trained glassblower.

Heritage Novosad Family - Glassworks Harrachov

Under the stewardship of the Novosad family, Glassworks Harrachov remains one of the last traditional producers of luxury glassware and decorative glass in Europe.

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