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Paradiso Fig Anniversary Collection

30 years of inspiration and passion for fragrance

Every LAFCO New York fragrance we create is conceived and designed to be a journey. To stir the senses and summon the memories that can transport us to times and places in our past. With this new fragrance, we invite you to share a very special sensory journey. Ours.

The Collection

The Collection

Created by our founder and perfumer, Jon Bresler, to commemorate our 30th anniversary in 2022, the limited edition Paradiso Fig Anniversary Collection celebrates what inspires our continuing fragrance journey

The Fragrance

The succulent and vibrant new scent features complementary notes of juicy and earthy fruits, including hints of Sicilian bergamot, ripe peach, and Paradiso fig – a renowned Italian variety with vibrant green skin and vivid red pulp.

The Fragrance

Behind the Scent

Typically Italian, Paradiso Fig has its own unique origin story: An old man is known for spending his days sitting contentedly, eating his bread and figs beneath the shade of his fig tree. When passers-by inquire about this daily ritual, the old man smiles and says, “This is my paradise".

our products formulation

The Design

These new, specially designed handblown vessels – including a majestic new Luxe 4-Wick size – combine whisps of clear and colored glass which render a delicate leafy pattern when illuminated. When the wax is gone, they become enduring keepsakes for your home.

The Journey

The Paradiso Fig Anniversary Collection commemorates Jon’s formative journey exploring the artistry and artisanship of the European apothecary tradition ... about the years he spent in Italy delighting in the aromas, practices, and knowledge that would inspire him to start a company devoted to creating luxurious fragrance experiences ... about finding and continually pursuing a lifelong passion. This is our paradise.