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A modern twist on a holiday tradition. Bright bitter orange, decorated with clove buds, nestles in the warm richness of fresh cinnamon. The inviting fragrance lets you know the holidays are near.

Limited Edition

Spiced Pomander

  • Cinnamon
  • Bitter Orange
  • Clove Bud
  • spctgy_footer_slider_1; Cinnamon
  • spctgy_footer_slider_2; Bitter Orange
  • spctgy_footer_slider_3; Clove Bud

Cinnamon is warm, spicy and slightly woody. It provides an everlasting warmth that offers a sense of coziness to the scent.

- Jon Bresler,

Bitter Orange is a zesty, bitter sweet citrus aroma. Prized for its uplifting, fresh and inviting scent, it brings forth a fun, festive freshness to the fragrance.

- Jon Bresler,

Clove Bud is a highly valued ingredient that is warm, spicy and floral. Clove Bud provides an unforgettable touch of exotic richness to the scent.

- Jon Bresler,